Tegal Wangi Beach, Exotic beach in Jimbaran Bali

tegal wangi beach very exotic

Visiting Bali indeed will never feel bored. Bali has a variety of attractive tourist destinations, everyone knows that Bali became the most loved tourist destinations. Ranging from green Natural Beauty (plantations and mountain), the beauty of sea travel (Beach and Diving), as well as a very strong culture that we can learn more about.

Not only the mountain, I also like the beauty of the sea. The way I usually do enjoy sea diving or snorkeling. But when visiting a beach, if it came at the right time, such as the time when the morning or afternoon, I was just swimming at the beach alone. By bringing my motorcycle rental, I wandered down to the beach – the beaches in Bali. There are beaches of Kuta, Sanur Beach, the Pandavas Beach, German Beach, and many others.

tegal wangi beach in bali
tegal wangi beach in bali

From some of the beaches there. My favorite beach in Bali is Tegal Wangi Beach. Tegal Wangi Beach have views of the exotic, the waves that swept the very beautiful beaches and rocks that is around the coast to complement the beauty of it. I was very fascinating to see it. I think you too will feel the same.  The beach is located in the Jimbaran area of Bali. To go here I takes 1 hour from Denpasar city center with riding a motorcycle.

I think,  I prefer the bike rental rather than having to take a taxi, because I use a bike rental service, I will be able to save my travel budget. Anyway, it is very easy also to get a rental bike. Since I do not know the route in Bali, I use the GPS map to go to Tegal Wangi Beach. With the GPS in smartphones, I can go to a tourist spot with ease.

pantai tegal wangi bali
pantai tegal wangi bali

Tegal Wangi beach is very clean at all. Because it might not be too many people who come there. But unfortunately I did not swim (bath) on this beach, because I came at 13:00 pm. then the Sun is very hot, can damage the skin. If you want a shower at the beach, I recommend to come in the morning or afternoon (not daylight).

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